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High quality and performance sailplanes & trailers

Diana 3 - 18 meter class

A tough competitor in its class!

The best of the best! - Diana 3 was designed by the proven wing from the Diana 2 and the KKB fuselage. 

In January 2017 Diana 3 was tested by & finished and is now our new and high performing 18-meter sailplane!

As per today we can only offer the Diana 3 as an "Experimental" glider, check your countrys regulation!

Design & performance goals for Diana 3

The Diana 3 was designed with the goal to have top performance in the FAI 18 metre class for sailplanes. 


The wing was design by professor Kubrynski and has a high aspect ratio over 30 and high lift. At low speed the Diana 3 has an enormous climb and yet at high speeds of 200 km/h a low descent of 1,4 m/s which will make the Diana 3 a tough competitor at competitions or just a great cross country glider / sailplane. 

Standard glider or SLG with FES-option

The Diana 3 can be ordered as a standard glider/racing sailplane or as a Self-Sustainer with the new safe and proven FES electric propulsion option from LZ Design. The FES-option makes your life safer and more secure when lift is weak and you need a push to gain some altitude to prevent unwanted landings outside the airport. 

Diana 3 KKB 18KE.jpg

Diana 3 - Specifications

Wing span 
Fuselage length

Wing area

Aspect ratio

Empty mass

Max all-up mass

Stall speed

Best L/D 

Max Vne

Wing loading

Engine Power

18.000 mm / 59ft

6.430 mm/ 21ft

1.350 mm / 4.43ft

10,46 m² / 112,5 ft²


306 kg / 674 Lbs

600 kg / 1322 Lbs

70 km/h / 37,7 knots


270 km/h / 145.7 knots

28-58kg/m² / 5.73-11.85 lb/ft²

26 kW

Starting at EUR 115.000 excl VAT

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