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Diana 2 FES - 15 meter class

Diana 2 - FES as SLG (Self Launch Glider)

We took the famous Diana 2 -15 metre flapped FAI-class sailplane and installed a 26 kW electrical FES-engine in the nose with automatic folding propeller which makes this glider to be SLG / self launching!

The FES-option makes you independent of tow planes and completely secure when lift is weak

and you need a push to gain some altitude to prevent unwanted landings outside the airport.

In our PDF-files to the right on this page, you have a report (Diana 2 FES - First impression) from our

Croatian fellows who has got delivery and actually flown the new Diana 2 with the FES-option - Impressive!!

Check out the video below on the new Diana 2 - FES Self Launch Glider!

Diana 2 - FES and its performance

The Diana 2 with the new FES-option (Engine power 26 kW) will take off in approximately 200 meters on a paved runway and approximately 250 meters on a grass field at a wingloading of 40 kg per square meter.

The battery capacity is improved on later models from 4 kWh to 5 kWh and it takes 4 kW to sustain level flight at 100 km/hour so you can maintain level flight for more than an hour or more than 100 kilometers!

As the prop (1 meter in diameter) is folding against the fuselage, drag is kept at a low level and is not hurting performance to much on the new Diana 2 - FES (SZD 56-3). The climb rate is approximately 1.7 m/s.

Certified or Experimental - Your choice

You can now have the Diana 2 FES either as EASA certified or ULM/Experimental, the choice is yours!

It is actually the same glider except the extra paperwork to get the EASA certificate. This will results in a slightly higher pricing on the EASA certified version. Check with your countrys FAA regulations before you make your decision on which version you should choose of your new Diana 2 FES sailplane.

If you need any assistance or help - Just reach out to us, we are here to help you!

Diana 2 - FES (SZD 56-3) - Specifications

Wing span 
Fuselage length

Wing area

Aspect ratio

Empty mass

Max all-up mass

Stall speed

Best L/D 

Max Vne

Wing loading

Engine Power

Battery capacity

T/O distance

Climb rate (max)

15.000 mm / 49.2ft

6.880 mm/ 22.5ft

1.350 mm / 4.43ft

8.64 m² / 93 ft²


185 kg / 401.2 Lbs

500 kg / 1102.5 Lbs

60 km/h / 32.4 knots


270 km/h / 145.7 knots

28-58kg/m² / 5.73-11.85 lb/ft²

26 kW

5 kWh

200 meters

1.7 m/s

Starting at EUR 136.000 excl VAT

Diana-2 FES drawing.png
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