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High quality and performance sailplanes & trailers

Trailers for sailplanes

Avionic Trailers - Since 1997

Avionic has been producing and marketing trailers for sailplane and gliders since 1997. We have delivered nearly 1150 various types of trailers, from transporting small ultralight aircraft to the Stemme S-10 motor glider.

Always safe and protected

The sailplane in the trailer is always safe and protected during storage or on the road. The large opening angle on Avionics trailers and its unique loading mechanism makes it easy and safe to load and unload your glider.

Main units from AL-KO Kober

The Main units are from AL-KO Kober (drawbar, axle and brakes) and are certified all over the world which allowed you to travel and register your trailer in all countries. The covers of the trailers are made in high quality composite and all parts are galvanized and protected against corrosion.

We can assure you that with a Avionic trailer you are always ready to fly!

Avionic Trailers for sailplane and gliders

For more information and prices on trailers, please call us or fill in the contact form! 

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