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High quality and performance sailplanes
Diana 2, Diana 3 & Diana 4ER


The Diana 2 is a very high performing sailplane in the

15 meter flapped class

With a L/D above 50 it has proven to be a winner at contests all over the world!

Diana 2 handles a wide range of wingloadings which makes

it a very good cross-country glider which will outclimb other existing gliders on the market!


The Diana 4ER is our new high performance sailplane in the 18 meter flapped class.  


With a L/D 56 and aspect ration at 31.8 it will be a tough competitor in its class!

Diana 4ER has low descents at high speeds and enormous climbing capabilities making it an excellent competition

and cross-country sailplane!  


We offer modern trailers dedicated to transportation of all types of sailplanes.  


The trailers has chassis in aluminum and our covers is produced in composite.

The wings and fuselage are loaded from the back of the trailer, guided by the built-in sets of rails. In the front you have a baggage compartment.


Diana Sailplane - Scandinavia AB

Diana Sailplanes of Scandinavia is the dealer of Diana sailplanes in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


We searched for the highest quality and the highest performing sailplanes in the world and our

choice to work with only Diana Sailplane from Avionic has been a great success for us.

We supply you with Diana sailplanes and options for your glider plus trailers for transporting your sailplanes.

Our office is located in Askim just south of Gothenburg, but our sailplanes are located at Getterön, Varberg.

Just give us a call or fill in the contact form below and we will arrange with a demonstration of our sailplanes!

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