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Diana 2 - 15 meter class

A proven winner with top performance!

Hot News - Diana 2 wins 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at World Gliding Championship 2021 in Montlucon, France!

Previously with 17 Gold, 10 Silver and 3 Bronze medals we would say that the Diana 2 (SZD 56-2) is a

proven winner in the 15 meter flapped class for sailplanes - Diana 2 is probably the best 15 meter FAI

Racing Class Glider that money can buy on the market!

Price for the Diana 2 starting at EUR 78.000, for further information check out our pricelist and order configurator, don't forget the options for your Diana 2. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us!

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Design & performance goals

The Diana 2 was designed with the goal to have top performance in the FAI 15 metre class for sailplanes. 


The wing was design by professor Kubrynski and has a high aspect ratio and high lift. The wing weights just 46 kg but can still handle 160 liters of water ballast.


The fuselage is beautifully designed and very sleek but still can handle pilot up to 1.90 m or even taller.

The pilots almost lying position makes the fuselage cross section as small as possible which gives us the lowest possible parasite drag.

Lightweight and strong

Diana 2 is a very lightweight and strong sailplane/glider, produced and manufactured by todays highest standards in advanced strong and lightweight materials such as composite carbon-aramids-epoxy.

Empty weight is only 185 kg but the Diana 2 can be ballasted all the way up to 500 kg! This gives us a very wide range of wing loadings, from 28 kg per square meters and all the way up to 58 kg per square meter!


With its top performance it can outclimb excisting gliders on the market, and with a lift to drag ratio over 50 it for sure will be a great cross-country sailplane.

Standard glider or SLG with FES-option

The Diana 2 can be ordered as a standard high performance 15 meter glider / sailplane (SZD 56-2) or as a SLG (Self Launch Glider) with the safe and proven FES electric propulsion option (SZD 56-3) from LZ Design.

The FES-option makes you independent of tow planes and secures you and your sailplane when lift is weak and you need that push to gain some altitude to prevent unwanted landings outside the airport!. 

Diana 2 (SZD 56-2) - Specifications

Wing span 
Fuselage length

Wing area

Aspect ratio

Empty mass

Max all-up mass

Stall speed

Best L/D 

Max Vne

Wing loading

15.000 mm / 49.2ft

6.880 mm/ 22.5ft

1.350 mm / 4.43ft

8.64 m² / 93 ft²


185 kg / 401.2 Lbs

500 kg / 1102.5 Lbs

60 km/h / 32.4 knots


270 km/h / 145.7 knots

28-58kg/m² / 5.73-11.85 lb/ft²

Starting at EUR 98.000 excl VAT

Diana 2 - Sailplane - Drawing.jpg
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