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Uploaded photos and information from Diana Sailplanes - Scandinavia from events or related happenings all around the world - Enjoy!

Connection of stabilizer

On this photo you can see how the stabilizer on a Diana 2 FES is connected and the linkage to the elevator.

Beautiful workmanship, of course there is a cover which will be fastned with a screw and some tape over joints for perfect aerodynamics!

weather covers.png
All weather covers

Take care of your glider / sailplane with our "All weather covers" for the Diana 2 (15 meter class racing sailplane) and the Diana 3 (18 meter class racing sailplane).

Call us today for questions, more information or to place your order!

Diana3 b.jpg
Diana 3 - 18 meter

Our new Diana 3 (18 meter flapped class) is now ready for orders!

With an aspect ratio of over 30 and a glide ratio of 55 she will be a tough competitor in the 18 meter class in the future.

Low sink rate at high speed makes it a great cross country glider.

Delivery time from placed order is 10-12 month.

Diana 2 and Diana 3 - Sailplanes .jpg
Diana 2 with FES-option!

Get ready for our new Diana 2 FES (SZD 56-3)!

It has a FES-option with folding prop which makes you independent of towplanes and unwanted landing outside the airfield!

Simply turn on the engine and continue to enjoy your day!

Our demo gliders are ordered and call us for demo flights...

Diana 2 - Sailplane Grand Prix.jpg
Sebastian Kawa - Winner!

Sebastian Kawa and his Diana 2 (SZD 56-2) has been winning competitions all over the world! 

The unbeaten performance of the Diana 2 combined with top ranked Sebastian Kawa as pilot has proven to be a wining concept.

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