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High quality and performance sailplanes & trailers

Diana 3 - 18 meter

An aerodynamic masterpiece!

The idea behind the new Diana 3 was originally created during the Grand Prix competition in Chile 2010 when several Czech and Polish pilots wanted to use the KKB fuselage and combine it with a wing from the Diana-2.


A completely new 18-meter wing was designed by Doctor of aerodynamics, Professor Krzysztof Kubrynski
and joined with the KKB fuselage. By January 2017 the new design was finally finished and named Diana 3.


Two versions - The choice is yours:

We can offer you the Diana 3 in 2 versions - As a standard FAI 18-metre flapped racing sailplane or as a Self Launch Glider (SLG) with an electrical FES option in front with a folding propellor:


The Diana 3 is a completely new glider in the FAI racing 18-meter flapped class.

Diana 3 has a gliding ratio of 55:1 which will make it a though competitor in its class!

With its low descent of 1,4 m/s at speeds of 200 km/h and enormous climbing capabilities it will be a great cross country airplane.

A given winner in the 18 metre class!


The Diana 3 FES is equipped with a 26 kW electrical FES option with a folding propellor.


With the FES-option you will have the markets best performing Self-Sustainer!


Diana 3 FES is a high performance racing sailplane combined with the safety of the electrical FES option from LZ Design.

No more landings outside the airport!

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