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High quality and performance sailplanes

Diana 2 - 15 meter class

A proven winner with top performance!

Originally the SZD-56 "Diana sailplane" was designed by Bogumił Bereś and on 12th of January in 2005 the second version of the Diana took air with a completely new wing designed by professor Krzysztof Kubrynski.

With 17 Gold, 10 Silver and 3 Bronze medals we would say that Diana 2 (SZD 56-2) is a proven winner in the 15 meter flapped class for Sailplanes - Probably the best 15 meter glider that money can buy on the market!

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Diana-2 Calculated speed polars.jpg
Diana 2 - Speed polars.jpg

Two versions - The choice is yours:

We can offer you the Diana 2 in 2 versions - As a standard FAI 15 metre flapped racing sailplane (SZD 56-2) or as a Self Launch Glider (SLG) with an electrical FES option in front with a folding propellor:

DIANA 2 - SZD 56-2

The Diana 2 is a very high performing glider / sailplane in the FAI 15 meter flapped class

With a L/D above 50 it has proven to be a winner at contests all over the world!

Diana 2 is a very low drag and sleek racing-glider which can handle a wide range of wingloadings, from  28-58 kg per sq.meter.

A proven winner in the 15 metre class!

DIANA 2 - SZD 56-2 FES

The Diana 2 FES is equipped with a 26 kW electrical FES option with a folding propellor.


It can self launch in just 200 meters which makes you independent of tow planes!


Diana 2 FES is the high performance racing sailplane with the safety of the electrical FES option from LZ Design in Slovenia.

No more landings outside the airport!

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