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Diana 4ER - 18 meter FAI-Racer.jpg

High quality and performance sailplanes & trailers
Diana 4ER - 18m FAI Racer

All the best in one design - Diana 4ER

This is the optimal and most high performing 18 meter class FAI Racer in the world! 

The Diana 4ER has been designed by Sebastian Kawa and Dr Krzysztof Kubrynski and will be manufactured by Avionic which secures and guarantees the highest performance and highest quality in one product for you.


It has a new Electric propulsion system and is a true Electric Self Launcher which will make you independent of tow planes and completely secure when the lift is weak and you need a push to maintain or gain some altitude to prevent unwanted landings outside the airport.

The Diana 4ER has a wingspan of 18 meter and it has a wing loading range of

41-59 kg per square meter with a best glide ratio (L/D) as high as 1:56!

Delivery in mid 2024 and at a price of €170.000 excl VAT - Call us today to reserve your Diana 4ER!

Check out the specifications for the Diana 4ER

Diana 4ER - Specifications.jpg

Diana 4ER - High aspect ratio and L/D

The Diana 4ER has a high aspect ratio of 31.8 and a wing area of 10.2 square meters, this gives the Diana 4ER the most impressive performance such as a glide ratio (L/D) of 1:56 which will be very hard to beat in both Sailplane Grand Prix and the FAI 18 meter class for sailplanes.

The Diana 4ERs empty weight is 353 kg and with the pilot you can fly her at 41 kg per square meter. With full water ballast (195 liters) and with a MTOW of 600 kg she will have a wing loading of 59 kg per square meters. 

The Diana 4ER will come in 2 versions of the fuselage - Competition or Sports cockpit. The choice is yours!

The Diana 4ER - Electric Propulsion System

Diana 4ER - Electrical Propulsion System.jpg

Diana 4ER - Wing batteries on 9.4 kWh!

The Electric Propulsion System of the Diana 4ER is foldable completely into the fuselage to minimize drag but still have the power ready to save you back home again, no more unwanted landings outside your own airport!


The Diana 4ER has a battery on 9.4 kWh and an engine with a power output of maximum 44 kW which can be used for maximum 2 minutes, continuous power is 23 kW which can be used for gaining altitude or saving you safely back home and prevent landing out with troublesome trailer transportation/logistics.

At gross weight, climb to 600 meters at 2.3 meter per second and you will still have enough power to be able to maintain level flight back home for another 130 km!

If you decide to fly without ballast you can climb to 2.700 meters and still have power for 150 km back home!

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